Value-Added Search Services

Posted September 1, 2010

In the course of successfully conducting over 500 searches, we have played a part in introducing and implementing best practices from higher education and corporate search process models; rationale for an external administrator’s serving in the interim capacity during the course of the search; and methodology to ensure all-inclusive processes, particularly pro-active techniques to identify and attract women and diversity candidates.

During this period the use of executive search firms has become pervasive throughout the academy. However, many colleges and universities – particularly those with budget constraints – continue to conduct searches on their own. Often the search committees could benefit significantly from the guidance of search counsel, but the fees involved are prohibitive. In an effort to find a middle ground, RHPA has developed a “Value-Added Search Services” program. This program provides optional partial services – specifically, Identification of Additional Top Candidates; and Finalist Due Diligence – at a substantially reduced cost.

It is our intention and our hope that institutions utilizing this program will not only realize advantages in meeting immediate staffing needs, but in future ones as well.  

To learn more about these services please visit our Value-Added Search Services page.